Exploring Popular Dog Services: The Wiggly Monsters Unveils New Grooming Trends | RTVI NY Interview

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Michael Terentev: Today, we have Kate Vakhromeeva, a co-owner of The Wiggly Monsters. Thank you for joining us.

Kate Vakhromeeva: Hello, everyone! Good evening.

M: The initial question: why do pets in a metropolis need services like dog therapy? Is urban life so stressful for animals?

K: I’d say our pets often mirror our emotions. When we’re stressed, they feel it and can experience similar feelings. This holds especially true for animals that were previously in different households before joining ours. We might not fully understand their past circumstances. If they exhibit behavioral issues, seeking a dog therapist is recommended. They assist both the pet and owner in resolving issues that can impact various aspects of their lives. For instance, enabling your dog to socialize at a park. Not every owner can ease their dog into social interactions or accommodate guests at home. It can challenge the entire family. In such cases, a dog therapist’s help becomes essential to resolve these issues.

M: How do they help? With humans, it’s obvious; you have a conversation during a consultation to address emotions. But what about dogs? You can’t communicate directly with them.

K: The answer lies within the specialist’s title – a dog behavior specialist. They interpret your dog’s condition through various cues. There are numerous signs indicating something is amiss. For instance, if a dog’s ears are pinned back, it signals stress. Refusal to eat or hiding in unusual spots are behavioral indicators a dog therapist can observe and rectify.

M: Your company specializes in dog grooming and pet care. Besides haircuts and bathing, what other services are gaining popularity? What else is emerging in the market that’s unique and captivating?

K: Absolutely! Our company focuses on unconventional grooming—providing in-home grooming services. We visit clients’ homes, creating a familiar and calm setting for dogs while offering all the grooming services provided in a standard salon. This saves our clients time and ensures stress-free grooming sessions. As for interesting services in the industry, there are several. One that comes to mind is creative grooming, where pets are transformed into tigers or zebras through fur dyeing and specific grooming styles.

M: Is it safe?

K: Yes, it’s safe. Groomers using this technique solely employ washable colors that can be removed after a few baths without harm to your dog. Additionally, there are intriguing places like dog-friendly cafes, particularly in New York. These venues allow you to enjoy time with your pet, offering dog treats and hosting events, including adoption events where you might find a new furry family member.

M: The issue of welcoming a new pet into a family is prevalent due to overloaded shelters. Thank you for your expert insights.

K: Thank you!

M: Kate Vakhromeeva, co-owner of The Wiggly Monsters, thank you for joining us today.

K: Thank you.


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