e-Gift certificate

The e-Gift certificate every dog wants!

How it works?

Tailored Choice
e-Gift certificate allows dog owners to choose exactly what they need or want for their furry friend, from grooming services to premium pet products.
Flexibility & Convenience
It offers flexibility in scheduling services or purchasing products at their convenience, ensuring the gift is used when it's most needed or desired.
Indulgent Treat
It's a thoughtful gesture that allows the recipient to indulge their pet guilt-free, making it a delightful surprise for both dog and owner.

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    • The e-Gift certificate is issued by The Wiggly Monsters, LLC and becomes active upon issuance.

    • Payment for the e-Gift certificate will be charged on the purchase date and not on the date of issue. 

    • Our e-Gift certificate will be sent electronically to the email address given. 

    • Confirmation of the e-Gift certificate will only be sent to the purchaser once the order is confirmed by The Wiggly Monsters, LLC.

    • The e-Gift certificate is valid for one year only. The expiration date is displayed on the e-Gift Card. Unwanted gift vouchers can not be returned and voucher codes can not be used to purchase another gift voucher.

    • Can be used for any purchase at The Wiggly Monsters, LLC, excluding gift certificates and other gift cards.

    • e-Gift certificates can not be canceled. Not redeemable for cash, except as required by law. Servises bought using e-Gift certificate can not be refunded. 

    • For inquiries, call (917) 254-7118 or email info@wigglymonsters.com 


    • Book your at-home dog grooming appointment online CLICK HERE
    • During the "PERSONAL INFO" step, add your e-Gift certificate number in the "Additional note" box.
    • A credit card is required for reservation guarantee; however, no charges will be made during booking.
    • After the grooming session, the e-Gift certificate amount will be applied during checkout. If you spend more than your e-Gift certificate value you can pay the additional money at checkout, if you spend less than the e-Gift certificate value you will have a credit balance to use later using the same e-Gift certificate code.