About us

Welcome to our owner-operated grooming business. We are professional certified dog groomers who are passionate about what we do. Our experience as groomers has taught us that pet safety and well-being should always come first.  We started this business with the goal of providing a fear-free grooming experience for dogs and their owners, especially those who are looking for a stress-free and anxiety-free grooming experience. But beyond our professional qualifications, we are pet lovers at heart. We understand the joy and companionship that pets bring to our lives, and we treat every pet with the same love and care that we give our own furry friends. 


Well, let us tell you the story behind our fun and quirky name – The Wiggly Monsters! You know how some dogs can be a little wiggly and playful during their grooming sessions? They can be like little monsters, wiggling around and having a good time! We wanted to capture that playful spirit in our business name. We promise to provide a fun and safe grooming experience that will leave your dog looking and feeling their best.


Thank you for considering us as your trusted dog grooming provider.

Meet our team

Khristina, Co-founder and Professional Groomer

My passion for grooming began when I became a dog owner myself. Motivated by my deep connection with these furry companions, I immersed myself in professional grooming classes and courses. This journey solidified my desire to turn my passion into a career, leading to the establishment of The Wiggly Monsters. Our clients are more than just customers; they become part of our extended family. We take pride in seeing wagging tails and the happiness our grooming services bring.

Kate - Co-founder and Short-Hair Specialist

Hi, I'm Kate, a devoted pet lover and one of the co-founders at The Wiggly Monsters LLC. With a passion for animals, I embarked on my professional grooming career just a year ago. My expertise lies in grooming short-hair breeds, and I am committed to continuously upgrading my skills through ongoing learning and training. When Khristina approached me with the idea of starting our own business, I instantly knew it was a fantastic opportunity. There's nothing quite like the rewarding feeling when our furry clients begin to trust us and a special bond forms between us.